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A muffler uses a series of chambers and tubes integrated with holes designed to partially cancel, or muffle the sound waves produced by the engine. The exhaust pipe is welded onto the muffler which releases toxic byproducts from the vehicle.

Why are Muffler Services Needed?

Aside from reducing engine noise that would otherwise be extremely loud, maintaining a muffler and exhaust system helps protects the persons inside of a vehicle from breathing in dangerous carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide fumes, It also reduces other byproduct pollutants from being released into the air. Because these components are integrated, they need to be serviced to maintain good performance.

When Should a Muffler be Repaired/Replaced?

Understanding how a muffler functions will make it easier to determine when it’s time to let a professional take a look at it. Problems with the mufflers usually occur on older cars (catalytic converter malfunctions, pinholes, loose brackets, stuck valves, etc.,) and the most obvious sign when it needs to be repaired is when the engine sounds unusually loud, makes a rattling, ticking noise, or a heavy growl (on high-performance muscle cars) and could cause drowsiness, coughing and watery eyes. If a car starts to make a ticking noise that was never heard before, this could be a symptom of a variety of issues, such as a loose muffler or lose manifold in a certain section of the exhaust system, so it should be checked out by a qualified technician promptly.

The average cost for muffler repair is around $138.00, and is essential when a muffler has moderate signs of rust or has broken rubber hangers, since toxic exhaust fumes could start leaking, reducing oxygen levels to the heart and could even cause death at higher exposure levels. Additionally, many cities have noise ordinances that will result in getting a hefty ticket for driving around with a noisy muffler.

Replacing a muffler can improve a car’s power levels and lower the engine’s temperatures. When replaced professionally, a muffler can cost between $75-$750 and up and depends on the type of vehicle and whether the replacement parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer or by other companies. Costs also depend on who does the labor; car dealerships are typically more expensive compared to small local muffler shops. Sometimes the catalytic converter or exhaust pipes also need replacing which can range between $1,000-$2,500 or higher.

How Often Should I Get a Muffler Serviced?

A muffler system should be checked out at least once a year particularly on older vehicles, this will keep you both safe and save you costly repairs for serious muffler damages.

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