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Michigan Auto Engine Repairs | Mr. Muffler Auto Repair

Your engine is the life force of your car. Without it, your car is pretty much useless. That is why engine repairs and checkups are so important. At Mr. Muffler, we take engine repairs seriously. We want to make sure you get the best possible service for your vehicle. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Mr Muffler.

Why are They Needed?

Engine repair and other car repair services are needed to keep your car running perfectly. A lot of times, cars can still function after one or more parts stop functioning the way they are suppose to. That being said, driving the car in such a condition can actually lead to even bigger problems. As soon as you notice problems with your vehicle, you need to have it checked and serviced by professionals. Keeping your vehicle running correctly may save you thousands of dollars in damage from leaving it unrepaired, and also help improve the overall performance of your car.

What are the Signs of Transmission Problems?

If you drive an automatic, your transmission is one of the most important parts of your car. The best way to stop transmission malfunctions is to look for the warning signs. If you notice any of these signs, you need to bring your vehicle in to be serviced.

  • Slippage – If your transmission is starting to slip, it will feel like the car switches to another gear without reason. You may also start to notice a whining noise coming from the engine. If you have had the car for a while, you may even notice a loss in power or problems with acceleration.
  • Rough Shifts – When your car changes from one gear to another, you should be able to feel it. However, when you start to feel a very hard or rough shift, this could be a sign that your transmission is having problems. Sometimes you will even hear a grinding noise as your car tries to shift gears.
  • Leaks – Any kind of liquid leaking out of your car is never a good sign. However, when your transmission starts to leak, this is a very bad sign. This is because your transmission is a sealed unit. This means, in general, it should never leak any fluid at all. If you notice that your transmission fluid is low, take it in to be serviced right away.

How Often Should I Get These Services?

The frequency at which you should get engine service really depends on your individual needs. There are some models of cars that simply have to be serviced more often than others. Also, older cars tend to need more maintenance than newer ones. The best thing to do is have your engine inspected every time you have an oil change. Make sure the professional looks for any kind of warning signs. Also, if you notice any problems in between oil changes, you should have your car serviced right away.

We have professionals who are able to handle all of your engine problems. So if your car is suffering from engine problems, give us a call at either one of three locations.