Michigan Auto Electrical Services

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Electric car services are needed by electrical vehicle owners for various reasons. Our company provides these services to car owners when they need them. Without proper maintenance, the vehicle will have major problems; some problems can cause accidents. Because our technicians are educated about electric vehicle technology, each project is handled using the latest procedures. When our technicians complete maintenance and repair projects, each car operates a full efficiency.

Why are They Needed?

Maintenance and safety needs for electric vehicles are not very different when compared to conventional vehicles. Many car manufacturers design vehicles with guides, so that technicians can use the proper maintenance and safety procedures. HEVs and PHEVs have combustion engines, so maintenance tasks are the same as conventional vehicles. The electrical system consists of the motor, battery, and other electronics. These components will need minimal maintenance. The regenerative brakes have different operational techniques; because of this, they last longer than conventional vehicle brakes.

Overall, less maintenance is needed for electric vehicles because the motor, battery, and other electronics are advanced. Also, there are less fluids to change. The biggest benefit, however, is the braking system. The amount of brake wear is reduced because of the regenerative braking system. Although maintenance is limited, vehicle inspections are still recommended.

Battery Maintenance

Electric vehicles use advanced batteries that have a reduced number of cycles while charging. The charging cycles involve how often the battery is charged and discharged. A few battery systems use a liquid coolant. The coolant maintains operating temperatures that are safe. Each of these systems must be checked regularly by a skilled technician. Our technicians offer inspection services for battery maintenance.

The batteries in electric vehicles are designed efficiently, so they will provide years of use. However, many car manufacturers offer an eight year warranty on their EV and PHEV car batteries.

The prices for replacement batteries are not provided by car manufacturers. If a battery must be replaced outside the warranty, the price will be expensive. However, battery prices will decrease as production increases and technology improves.

Safety Benefits

Electric drive vehicles have electrical systems that use volts. The battery packs are placed in shells, and they must be tested. The batteries are tested for issues, such as vibration, overcharge, very high or lower temperatures, humidity, short circuits, water immersion, and collision. Electric vehicles are designed with insulated voltages and other safety features. Each feature will deactivate the electrical system when problems occurs, such as a short circuit or a collision. Without proper maintenance services, the electronic system will not operation efficiently, and overall safety will be affected. This is why many electric car owners contact our company for electric car repair and maintenance services.

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