Makes And Models

Mr. Muffler is your independent auto repair specialist in Sterling Heights, Macomb Township, and Warren, Michigan

At Mr. Muffler we have taken care to know and understand the automobiles we maintain for our customers, their recommended service intervals, the maintenance parts needed, and the conditions for protecting their warranties.

We have installed and we use the latest databases with service and repair information for every car we work on.

We put our knowledge to work for you. As part of every visit we’ll check your mileage, verify that your car is running properly and that all systems (like lights, air conditioning, tires and brakes) are in good order. We will alert you of pending services or other things you should know about and plan for to keep your car running reliably and trouble-free. Before you leave we’ll have updated our service history for your auto and we’ll know from where, exactly, to pick up when you return.

Vehicles We Service