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Sometimes, you can skid by without doing routine maintenance in areas such as your home or car. Other times, it is a better choice to simp=ly perform the maintenance check rather than wait until disaster strikes. One such example of where cutting back on routine maintenance can spell disaster is your cars oil. A car’s oil essentially serves as your engine’s lubricant, ensuring that everything operates and runs smoothly without issue. Skimping on changing your oil and taking care of your car is one of the most serious car mistakes that you can make.

Why is Changing My Car’s Oil Needed?

The first reason behind why you need to change your oil is the accumulation of dirt and grime. Not changing your car’s oil is like using a frying pan over and over again. Eventually, you’re going to have a bunch of grime accumulating that diminishes the cleanliness and quality of the oil. When this occurs in your car, the dirty oil passes through a relief valve, and because it is so thick and unclean, it is very abrasive for your engine.

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The next issue, which is perhaps even more serious, is that not changing your oil can lead to engine failure. As the oil becomes dirtier, it loses its lubrication properties, and when such poor quality oil is used on your engine, it fails to do its job properly. This eventually can lead to engine failure. Therefore, doing a simple maintenance check and changing your oil is much cheaper than having to shed out thousands of dollars for a new car engine.

Am I Using the Right Oil for My Driving Habits?

The next tricky issue related to car oil is knowing which one is preferable for your car and driving habits. In most cases, this type of information can be found in your car manual. The manual will often recommend which oil grade is appropriate for your engine and it will also specifically touch upon whether or not you can use synthetic or non-synthetic brands. If you still have trouble or questions when choosing an oil, the next best option is to consult your mechanic. These specialized professionals will be able to direct you to the exact type of car oil that you should be using, and when you need to change the oil to maintain the performance of your car.

How Often Should I Change My Car’s Oil?

When it comes to oil changes, there is no exact mileage number that you need to meet in order to know that you need an oil change. Simply put, the need for an oil change depends on a number of factors, but in general, the consensus is that it is anywhere between every 3000-7,500 miles. Usually, the low end of the spectrum depends on weather conditions. If you live in an area with a lot of stop-and-go traffic, dusty weather, gravel roads, hot weather, and frequent short trips, then you need to change your oil more often than other drivers.

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