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Your car is one of the most important possessions you have, but yet there are plenty of people who take their cars for granted. Regular maintenance on your vehicle is not limited to washing your car and checking the oil. If you want to keep your car in top condition and safe to drive, then you need to attend to the brakes on a regular basis.

Why are They needed?

There are many car owners who do not understand how many moving parts are involved in the average vehicle braking system. There also parts that need to be replaced on a regular basis to ensure that your brakes always work properly. But why do you need brake maintenance services in the first place?

One of the reasons that you need regular brake services is to detect problems before they become serious. You could have a loose part or something that is just ready to give way that could be caught and repaired with a regular inspection. It will save you money on the bigger repairs, and it could also save you on repair costs for the other damage that malfunctioning brakes can cause.

Another reason for regular brake service is to plan future repairs and replacement work. If you can plan these kinds of repairs in advance, then you will find it easier to save money on brake maintenance.

What Does it Mean When my Vehicle’s Brake Warning Light Appears?

There are several reasons why your brake indicator light will come on in your car. If the light comes on and stays on, then the emergency brake may still be engaged. Release the emergency brake and see if that causes the light to go off.

Another common reason you will see your brake light is when the brake pedal itself is in need of a quick adjustment. Take your vehicle to Mr. Muffler and a certified technician will check the pedal for you and make the quick adjustment.

The more serious reason for your brake light to come on is because you have a leak in your brake line. The light comes on when the fluid pressure is low. This is an issue that needs immediate and professional attention.

How Often Should I Get These Services?

The frequency of your brake service visits depends solely on how much you drive. If you drive your vehicle every day, then you will want to get your brakes looked at once a month. If you do not drive that often, then you can get your brakes serviced once every other month. Even if you do not use your brakes often, problems can still develop because of the weather and other factors. That is why it is important to have your brakes looked at as often as possible.

The professionals at Mr. Muffler can look your brakes over and give you an honest assessment of any issues and an estimate you can trust. Let Mr. Muffler look over your brakes and help you to keep your family safe. So call either one of three locations.