Signs Your Car Needs New Shocks

by Mr. Muffler on June 13, 2013


How To Tell If  Your Car Needs New Shocks


How To Tell If  Your Car Needs New ShocksA car’s shocks gradually deteriorate over time slowly causing different things to happen that will tell you if you need to get them replaced. There are physical signs, changes in a cars behavior which affects other car parts that can tell you that you may need to change them.

Physical signs that your shocks are beginning to go bad can be checked yourself in many cases but a trained professional will have better idea of whether they need replaced or not. Leaking is a good sign that your shocks will need to be changed. Wetness or oil on and around the shocks and the struts is a sign that they may be leaking. Damage to the housing or broken mounts is another thing you may be able to see.

As the shocks gradually weaken over time, you car will act differently while driving. If your car sways while taking turns, the front of your car dips while braking, the rear end dips while giving it gas, or the car tends to bounce or slide on rough roads you should have a mechanic take a look for you to see if you may need them replaced. Another good sign is if you car tends to bottom out while hitting bumps.

Worn shocks can cause other parts of your car to wear more quickly than they should. Your tires showing abnormal wear, such as having high and low spots, is a good indicator that you are in the need a new set. It can also affect your springs, ball joints, C.V. joints, and steering linkage as well.

Occasional check-ups is the best way to avoid damage that can done by worn shocks. Service professionals will look for leaks, dents, the rubber mounting bushings being worn, damaged bumpers, pitted piston rods, and unusual wear on the tires. If your car is showing some of the signs of worn shocks listed above, it may be a good idea to have it checked out before other parts of your vehicle are irreversibly damaged.

Have you checked on your shocks lately? Have you been keeping up with your car’s maintenance schedule? If not, come in to Mr. Muffler, your Warren mechanic and get all your car’s needs taken care of! Call us at (586) 933-5673 to make an appointment!

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